Koenigsegg Motorcycle 2017-Concept

Koenigsegg Motorcycle

In case that you’ve ever known about Koenigsegg, you’ll realize that they commonly take into account one particular sort of vehicle: two-doors and seat, mid-engined supercars. As the Swedish maker is tremendously romanticized about in the auto devotee group, one may think about what might happen whether they floated away from their supercar safe place. Well, this Koenigsegg Motorcycle Concept indicates what a two-wheeled take may resemble. Moscow-based designer Maxim Burov envisions the bicycle as a smooth undertaking, with wrap-around bodywork that conceals the gas tank, motor, and most of whatever is left of the bicycle’s segments. The single seat is as short and hefty as the bicycle itself, which does not have a windshield, and, for the present, a working model.

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